The Matabele war shield and weapons symbolise the province of Matabeleland where our school is located. The black and white of the shield reflect the multi ethnicity of our school, whilst the shield itself denotes protection against evil. The silver/light blue and darker shade of blue on our badge reflects sky and water, two things we cannot do without. The silver blue wavy stripes are symbolic of the Victoria Falls which thunders down not far from our school.

The unfurled banner at the bottom of our badge with the words “Simi Sibanye” on it is Ndebele for “we stand as one” which echoes in our school song.

The school houses, Zambezi (yellow) and Matetsi (red), give tribute to two life sources in this area, the Mighty Zambezi and the Matetsi River. The two houses vie with each other keenly during the year in matters academic, sporting and cultural.