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As an Independent School we are able to extend our syllabus and curriculum beyond those offered by most State Schools. While we ensure that the basics are covered and fully understood, teachers at the school are innovative, creative and dedicated to making lessons meaningful, interesting and exciting. The School complies with the Ministry of Education syllabus and curriculum which is set by the Curriculum Development Unit.

During the final year of primary school the Grade Seven children will have choice to sit for Zimsec or Cambridge Checkpoint examinations.

Subjects on offer at the school include:

  • Mathematics,
  • English Language,
  • Creative Writing,
  • Comprehension,
  • Spelling,
  • Reading,
  • Poetry,
  • Drama,
  • Handwriting,
  • Heritage & Social Studies,
  • Science & Technology,
  • Family Religion
  • Moral Education,
  • Physical Education,
  • Art,
  • Craft,
  • Music,
  • Information Communication Technology,
  • Domestic Science
  • Life Skills.

Clubs and Sports are part of the curriculum and are COMPULSORY.