There are up to ten different cultures represented at Victoria Falls Primary School at times. This is due to the cosmopolitan nature of our town being the Hospitality and Tourism hotspot of Zimbabwe. The school is situated in a national game park along with the rest of the town and as such there is a strong emphasis on hospitality and cultural awareness. Part of the curriculum plan is to expose the learners to as much of their immediate environment as possible.

Outside of the town boarders are villages that have vibrant and interesting social structures that are mainly agricultural and rural in character. The whole school is given the opportunity by grade to visit a village called Mpisi. At the village children are exposed to daily rural living by interacting with the farm animals and being taught by the local people regarding their cultural ways.

Due to the tourism industry children tend to travel more than other Zimbabweans. Many get to see a world that is much larger than the town they learn in.