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Arts and Drama

Arts and Drama from an integral part of the School’s curriculum. Through arts and drama learners are given the opportunity to creatively express themselves. This can happen through art on canvas or paper, creative design, the curriculum in the Hub which is “everyone can create” or on stage in a play, public speaking or in the choir.

Arts and Drama is essential as it gives children the opportunity to express themselves through a medium that may be more suited to them personally. As part of the curriculum we aim to develop learners to be confident, expressive and fearless.


Art is offered as part of the curriculum in every grade and in some weekly clubs. This includes craft, design and making models.


“The greatest gift we can give a child is confidence.” – Author unknown. We aim to give children exposure to drama, role play and acting throughout the grades. Classes are given an opportunity to present a moral or values at a Friday Assembly once a term. The annual production involves every child in the school through acting and dancing.

Public Speaking

To be able to express themselves in front of an audience is essential. This in done in class as part of every grade, at assemblies through Scripture Readings, announcing sports results as well as in a formal Inter House public speaking competition.

The Hub

In the Matter Innovation Hub pupils follow a curriculum that is called “Everyone can Create”. This is an Apple computer curriculum that covers all aspects of being creatively expressive and includes music and song writing.