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School Rules

The emphasis is on the pupil to be responsible and to become independent and inter-dependent

At all times, children are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring credit to themselves, their family and their school.

Children are required to take care of property and possessions, their own and those belonging to the school and other people.

Children must consider the well being, comfort and convenience of others.

Good manners and sustainable values are taught.

Disciplinary Measures

Appropriate measures are taken with disciplinary issues in the School. These include discussion between the pupil and the teacher/s and Head of School. In some instances parental involvement is required, and requested by the school, in order to consolidate the child’s discipline at home as well as at school. All disciplinary measures aim to correct behaviour and restore the person.

Severe Disciplinary Measures

Cases of continued indiscipline may attract a period of suspension from school (not exceeding two weeks). This may be followed by exclusion from Victoria Falls primary School. In such a case a child may not return to the school, but would be allowed to attend other schools in Zimbabwe. The most sever form of discipline is expulsion from school and means the a pupil may not attend any school in Zimbabwe. In such a case the Ministry of Education is directly involved.

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