This unique, customizable learning center is the result of a collaborative effort between MATTER, Jamf, a computer software company specializing in Apple management solutions. They collaborated with Love for Africa to donate the Innovation Hub to Victoria Falls Primary School, surrounding schools, and also the community.

The Innovation Pod, is a hub for learning and using technology. As a portable learning environment, the MATTER Innovation Hub is outfitted with solar power and can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world. Utilizing the latest technology, this 21st century classroom provides engaging and personalized learning for children and adults who otherwise would have limited access to education.

The first Innovation Hub was designed for a school in Haiti and is already serving kids and adults. It has five collaborative workspaces, including an interactive display. iPads are available for teachers and students equipped with internet access and educational apps to give students exposure to the same learning materials used by students in developed countries. An education of this caliber will open doors of opportunity previously closed to students in developing countries.

“This project is part of a grand vision,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “We want to get technology into the hands of kids as an avenue to a brighter future. It is our mission to not only introduce these kids to iPads, but more importantly, to get them excited about the possibilities that technology could bring into their lives.”

While in the unit, every student and teacher can access an iPad. Each device is housed in a Logitech Ruggad Combo iPad case, which allows students the affordances of a tablet solution, while also providing the flexibility of an integrated keyboard. The eSpark Learning solution, along with Apple’s Everyone can create and Everyone Can Code curriculum, provide the students with vast learning resources.

Hager said it’s important to give the kids access to the same learning materials (iPads with internet access and a variety of apps) as what’s found in developed nations, like the United States. “Only then can we help deliver a truly high quality of education to these students,” he said. “Additionally, we’re specifically providing training on technology, because it can translate into job creation around the world.”

Each of the pod’s five collaborative workspaces include an interactive display powered by Apple TV. While in the unit, every student and teacher can access an iPad. Students at Victoria Falls Primary School will use a variety of apps, such as Osmo Educational Kits, Swift Playground, Duolingo and Khan Academy, among many others, to gain access to adiversified library of content to complement every student’s interests and learning style. Saltmarsh explained, “It was important for us to give the kids resources that would not only meet them where they’re currently at academically, but also grow with them as they expand their knowledge base.”

And as a means to protect students from accessing inappropriate content on the devices, teachers will use Securly to set up specific filtering parameters. The innovation pod will also house Sphero SPRK+ – robotic balls, and Mambo Drones that offer students hands on activities with a focus on coding and STEM.