The Trustees

There are three Trustees of the school. The Trustees are elected by the School Board of Governors.

The School Board of Governors

There are a minimum of eight and a maximum of twelve members of the Board: Consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. There may also be a Teacher Liaison member, a Parent Liaison member and a Zambian representative.


The day to day affairs of the school and pupils are conducted by the Headmaster/mistress, with the assistance of a Deputy.

The classes are managed by the teachers and teacher assistants.

Parent’s Liaison

Class representatives are appointed from the parent body in each Grade, to assist with fund raising events, communication and school functions.

Annual General Meeting

A meeting of the Parents and Board Members is held once a year, before 30th April of each year.

Special Meetings

Special meetings of parents are convened by the Chairman of the Board, from time to time.